What is the job of butcher?

The butcher takes care of the boning of their carcasses, prepares the meat into pieces for retail sale. He also drains game and poultry. It can be concentrated according to the meat. More information : www.giraudi-meats.com . The butcher is a retailer, he is connected to the customers. Excellent physical condition is essential, the butcher must resist temperature variations, remain standing all day and must also support heavy loads. The use of sharp tools requires attention and dexterity. As the meat is handled by the butcher, hygiene must be respected.

Shopping in a butcher shop

It is suggested to shop at a local butcher shop to buy superior beef. Butchers select all the requirements of the customers to be satisfied. They offer a service and solutions. You will receive advice on how to prepare and cook the selected meat and can order a meat package. Buying meat in a butcher shop is not at all expensive than in a supermarket. In reality, this means ensuring quality at the best price.

The butcher’s work

Butcher’s job is to bone and cut carcasses in the laboratory to pick the drills. The meat is then stored in a cold room. Whether working on his own account or in a grocery store, the butcher works in a technical occupation that requires craftsmanship. He knows all types of traditional meat. The butcher knows and applies the cold chain to the health and safety principles of the letter. He must develop his sense of contact. He has the qualities of a trader, he is there to inform his customers, in particular. If you want to market your products, prepared dishes can be prepared by the butcher. Then he had to undergo training.