How to eat healthy and fast?

We are finding ways to restore colour for short but healthy lunch breaks. The lunch break is getting shorter, pushing us to consume without taking good care of the composition of their menus.  For more information : .Without falling into moralizing information, it is far better to keep in mind that eating badly and quickly will lead to health problems, weight or lack of energy. It is the composition of your plate that determines your daily fitness. You must discover a restaurant that offers a balanced menu for lunch and a healthy menu but also.

Choose a quality pizza

Near your office between noon and two and quickly to eat more healthily, we advise you to buy a pizza. Think about it before you start a pizza and make the right choices! For example, choose a vegetable broth (example: sunny vegetables) instead of salami or four-cheese pizzas, which are generally fatter and much more caloric. We recommend that you include a plate of uncooked vegetables and reduce the serving size of your pizza.

Lunchtime :  eat a full meal

At lunchtime, not or if you are working, it is not always possible to eat a full meal. Sandwich is a really smart solution, typically French. You will find snacks and great restaurant offering takeaway sandwiches on the website or elsewhere. It is possible to eat a sandwich quickly. You will see a small restaurant near your workplace that will give you lots of sandwiches.

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