Restaurant Franchise | A winning economic bet

Many entrepreneurs and an increasing number of former employees undergoing professional reconversion are opting for franchised catering. In order to embark on this adventure, it is best to make sure you have solid prerequisites. You will find below the 4 main tips to remember in order to succeed in franchising a culinary establishment, restaurant management consulting .

Choose your type of establishment carefully

Several options are available to you:
– Franchise in classic restaurants
Traditional catering attracts a large clientele and offers a wide variety of services (gastronomic, upscale, themed catering);
– Franchise in fast food restaurants
In spite of the supremacy of fast food chains, the usual butter ham is still popular with French consumers. Specialized chains specializing in pizza, salad and kebab also offer themselves a place of choice. However, new concepts are emerging: organic food, salad bars, soup bars, freshly cooked pasta..;
– Franchising in mobile catering
Mainly popular in business districts and industrial zones, food-trucks offer quality dishes. Sandwiches and meals prepared on the spot for workers in a hurry are also delivered directly to the workplace during the lunch break.
Study all the components of the project

It is essential for you to :

– Gather as much information as possible on the capacities of progression and have a global vision of the market;
– Once the type of restaurant has been defined, the selection of the network comes into play. Once the type of restaurant has been defined, the selection of the network takes place. It is then necessary to verify the durability of the concept and to make sure that the chosen organization offers solid guarantees;
– An adequate and adaptable commercial strategy will consolidate the business over time;
– Choosing a relevant location allows to reach a maximum of
consumers falling within the target customer profile. The sustainability of the business depends on it.

Define the business plan of the franchised restaurant

You must absolutely know the financial stakes of your project:
1. Addressing investment costs is paramount. As a future entrepreneur, you must find out about the personal contribution or entrance fee to be paid to the franchisor. This range varies from 20 000 € for a snacking type restaurant to 600 000 € to join a big brand;
2. Evaluating the volume of payroll charges will help you avoid many pitfalls;
3. Estimate the amount of the monthly fee to be paid to the franchisor (fixed amount per month or percentage on the result) for the exploitation of the brand, the mutualization of advertising costs ;
4. Finally, a sound financial study (rent, earnings and profitability) enables the future franchised restaurant owner to assess whether he or she can achieve the expected standard of living.

Examine the constraints to the interests of the franchise

Make an informed decision.
Constraints :
– Franchising in a restaurant has an impact on family life, leisure activities and sometimes vacations. Indeed, the time of day is an essential parameter to be taken into account before taking the step;
– Health and safety rules and accessibility standards are very strict and must be strictly adhered to, under penalty of a fine or even administrative closure.
Advantages :
– Franchising offers the opportunity to evolve and become your own boss within an already established network. You benefit from a structure that has proven itself, well-known products, an identifiable label and a proven communication;
– Franchising offers a perennial solution, much more than the classic industry. The annual net individual income of the franchisees appears to be sufficiently comfortable and is on average around 30,000 euros per year.
If you plan to start a restaurant franchise while taking measured risks, franchising remains a good compromise to invest with peace of mind.